Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girlfriends and Grandfather Clocks

We spent Father's day over at my parents. Grandpa and Dad spent the day up in the Santa Cruz mountains visiting wineries and just having a good ol' time. Meanwhile, Grandma and Mommy had toddler duty. And I wouldn't really consider it "duty", Christopher is so much fun, even when he skips his morning nap... urgh.

So after putting him down (twice!) and hearing through the monitor a loud (and not sleepy at all, after falling asleep in my arms) "Momma? Momma!" (twice!) I looked at Grandma and said, "let's just get out of here and move on with our day". Off we went to the mall.

One of the best stops was when we went into Gymboree. They have these three little chairs in front of a small tv. I've never used them with Christopher since he's been too small but I thought we'd try to see if he'd sit while we shopped. Success!!! He sat and was enjoying it. Then he started organizing their chairs so they lined up. Yes, my almost 2 year old organizes, he is so his mother's child.

While he was busy cleaning up for the store employees, a little girl came to watch tv. Her dad said she was 17 or 18 months old so very close in age. She was dragging a pink backpack from the store with her. Christopher tried to have a little "conversation" with her and she just smiled with amusement. It was then, that my little Casanova pulled his move. He got out of the orange chair he was sitting in, positioned it just so, then looked at his new friend and patted the seat of the chair in a "here, sit here, it's all ready for you". Her dad and I lost it. She decided instead to leave. He kept looking down the aisle calling out and looking around. I thought, well that was it. No, she came back a few moments later carrying a second pink backpack, this one she placed at Christopher's feet. So cute. She then put hers on the floor and decided to lay down for nap time. I guess she hadn't taken her morning nap either. However, Christopher isn't one just to lay down and he proceeded to chat up her dad (getting the details on his new girlfriend no doubt). It was pretty cute. I think I have to thank daycare for his great social (and dating?) skills. It's too bad I didn't get anything on camera, but I think David and I are in for it when he's older. He'll be that 4 year old with 3 girlfriends, I just know it!

So back at home later (after a great afternoon nap) Christopher got some Grandpa time while Daddy bbq'd.

Posing with the Grandfather Clock
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Helping Grandpa wind it
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So curious
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