Friday, June 18, 2010

Brushing teeth part 2

We did lesson #2 in Brushing our teeth 101 last night (Thursday). Christopher actual enjoys getting his teeth brushed. I think it's because we started so early (with the first tooth) and have made it fun so it's just become routine for him.

Well now we are trying to start phasing out of the changing table. He's getting on to two years old and it's about time he starts to learn to take care of himself. Brushing his teeth, getting into his pjs, changing his own diaper, making his own dinner, making mommy a cocktail... I'm kidding, kidding, kidding.

One of the things I realized for future potting training attempts is that he needs to know how to take off his pants. How will he ever learn how to do that if we are always doing it on the changing table for him? So I've started to sit in the chair and he stands at my knees and we take off his shirt, and he happily runs it to the dirty clothes hamper in his room. Ditto for his pants, which he lifts his leg and laughs so mommy can take off his pants. He even practices pulling them down (I'm sure I'm going to regret this at some point) and then runs them to the hamper, then his socks. He has fun.

Then it's time for the overnight diaper and the pjs to go on.

Then last night we did the tooth brushing at the sink again. Christopher is so quick to learn. Just after the one time Wednesday night when I moved his step stool over to the sink, he did it all by himself this time. He held my hand as he climbed the steps and then proudly brushed his teeth.

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He's tapping it (or trying to) here like I did Wednesday night. He's definitely a "monkey see, monkey do" little boy.
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The dogs were barking and he got a little distracted.
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But got right back into it...
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And I have video of him but they appear to have not loaded. I'll see if I can get them up.

When he was done, he pushed his stool back and went to bed (after a few books and some cuddle time with mommy).

I'm really loving this "learning" phase. Everything is new and he's like a little sponge, just taking it all in. Of course, now is when we have to be extra careful of ourselves and what we do since there is a little pair of eyes just watching and learning and absorbing everything we do!

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