Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cars and Dogs

Sunday Christopher was playing with his cars and track. He loves this thing. Almost too much. He'll leave the cars running around the track then leave the room or start doing something else. He can turn them on and off himself so even if I sneak in a turn them off, I get a "Momma, cars on please!"

(Also, side note. I'm using a new website to store my photos and videos so this is the first time, not sure how they will turn out.)

Love when he does this...

Then he wanted a picture of us...
but was being silly :)

Then Spartan discovered the cars (Cody was more interested in the lights on the camera)
Christopher is loving these, Spartan is "hmmm"

But curious

Christopher completely engrossed with the cars...

Spartan is whining at the birds, Cody is trying to find the lights on my camera. It's interesting at times to say the least.

Best video ever.

Spartan has decided he doesn't like these "cars". I love how Christopher reprimands him. "No Spartan!"

And this one...

LOVE this one. Spartan is so brave, getting those evil cars. Then Christopher, right to him "Spartan, no bark!" and Spartan stops. I love that the video ends with the two of them just watching the cars.