Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance

Just like our tickets to the Pebble Beach AT&T, we were lucky enough to get some passes to the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance which was this past weekend. We told Christopher about it a few days before and he was very excited! We got a little insert from the newspaper about it with the activities they'd have and pictures of the cars. I think Christopher read that thing for two days straight including on our way there. Saturday night, he read it then gave it back saying "I love this book momma it's got pretty cars!". On the way there while reading it "look at the beautiful car, look at this car, look at this car!" The. Whole. Way. There.

He loved the cars. The entrance was the new cars from the different manufacturers. We found a few that we'd all love to see in the garage :)

Daddy and mommy liked this one!
 Christopher thought this Jaguar would be perfect for Pop Pop!

 Mommy has already put this Lexus on her wish list!

 As you can see, Christopher loved it.... the cars, the motorcycles, even the Yacht in the water.

  My two car lovers. This was such fun and such a nice treat :)
Oh, and Forrest slept through the whole thing. Woke up for lunch and back down. Perhaps he'll get to see the cars next year.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Forrest's 9 Month Stats

We took Forrest in on Tuesday for his 9 month appointment. His weight wasn't where I wanted it but it was ok. It was the same weight I'd recorded him at over a week before. He increased his percentile on his height and head circumference. 

Weight - 17lb 9oz, 5th %
Height - 28", 36th %
Head Circumference - 18.11", 68th %

The doctor was happy, said everything is going fine. His weight could be from all the new movement which makes sense. He grew two inches in the last 3 months and almost an inch around his noggin! Overall, great appointment. Also, no shots, just a thumb prick to check for anemia. No anemia :)

Next appointment isn't till his 12 month appointment! I can't believe it.

Time to get low...

I don't know why I hesitate to lower the crib. I don't know if it's the idea that Forrest is getting bigger that I'm resisting. I'm sure it's worse because it's our last child, but it's still hard. Hard get rid of his clothes he's out grown, the equipment he's outgrown like the swing, etc. It's nice to know we don't need to hold on to them but it's still hard to let them go. 

So my point.... it's obviously time to lower Forrest's crib again to the last spot.

Since he can pull up to he knees. He can pull up to a stand, but needs to be very, very motivated.

On a side note, this is him in the morning, even a little sick. Happy....

And he's started chewing on his crib with his one solo tooth! Ugh.

Making Cookies

The last few weekends Christopher and I have been making cookies then sending a bunch to daycare. We've made "rainbow" cookies (m&ms) and chocolate chip. Last weekend we made sugar cookie cut-outs which he helped with and picked out each shape. We then made bags of icing and sent it all to daycare so the kids could pick and decorate their own cookies. I guess the kids LOVED it. So much fun working with Christopher in the kitchen, he really is a big helper. Oh, and we don't have an apron for him at home so we figured it out with the "Chef David" apron. Today (8/18) we made butterscotch cookies, because it's Daddy's favorite (or one of).


Monday, August 13, 2012

Up up and away!

Forrest, our little man, our baby, our Monkey. He laughs, he giggles and he has started growling like a little monster. He has started to pull himself up, so far, consistently to his knees. I caught him Saturday morning pulling up to his knees to get to his toys, love it!

 Our little/big man...

 Love this face....  best part of my day is seeing this and Christopher's happy face...

 Searching... searching... this  is brand new...

 And his table, which he should be playing with the top of it, he's instead using it as a fun tunnel!!



Forrest is 9 months old!

I can't believe I'm even typing this.... I totally thought I just had him a few months ago. Forrest was 9 months old on August 7th. He is an amazingly happy baby. He laughs, giggles and babbles constantly. Forrest starting crawling full on about 4 weeks ago, within 3 weeks of that he was pulling up on his knees. If we are with him, he can pull up to a stand. His first word was definitely dada, he has said baba and mama before but not consistently. He eats anything, and I mean ANYTHING that we put in front of him. this includes favorites of avocado, tofu, chicken, cauliflower. He loves anything. He is great with puffs, and other similar snacks. I just added alphabet pasta to his purees tonight and he loved it. He and Christopher are inseparable at times. They are drawn to each other :) Sometimes it's Christopher reading to him through his crib in the morning, or entertaining him with bouncing a ball around the room, or singing or dancing. Christopher loves his brother and the feelings are obviously returned. I love watching the two of them together. Here are some photos of the 9 month shot.

 His pirate outfit!

 Always the curious monkey!

 Tickling his brother!

 Love this photo!

 ...and this one

 ...oh, and this one...

 LOVE this one. He's trying to give him fishy kisses...

Christoher Mommy

So Saturday, David went out and played Golf, that meant I got the boys to myself :) After breakfast, Forrest went down for his morning nap (yeah!) and Christopher and I got to baking. We were making cutout sugar cookies which would go to daycare (with icing I'd make later) so that the kids could decorate their own cookies. He helped me with the mixing, the rolling and the cutting out of the cookies. I didn't get photos of all of it, but one part.

At one point, he looked at me and said... "You are my mommy, I am Christopher, today, I am helping you so I am Christopher Mommy". Love you pumpkin!