Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spoons and Things Part 1

We've been fairly lucky when we feed Christopher that it doesn't end up a complete mess. I mean, we are the ones doing all of the work, it would technically be our fault if it ends up all over the place right?

Well, we've delved into a new realm of feeding our child. We aren't, he's starting to feed himself. The whole, "this isn't so bad of a mess" thing is gone, over, kaput.

So we started out by buying these:

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Yes, you can find a baby gadget for every baby need. They are awesome I think. They suction to the table/highchair and sometimes we can't even get them off. When we go to a restaurant I can even just put them on his table and voila!

We stuck on his bib, rolled up the sleeves (like this would really help at all), put the dogs outside (since Christopher likes to "feed" the dogs) and we started.

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Oh my... I think it's everywhere!!!

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He does like his food.

Of course, he doesn't seem to get the idea of the spoon. Daddy was cooling it down my poking at it and stirring it around, he caught on to it too quick.

Attempt #2 next with a special guest appearance.

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