Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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I never thought I'd be so happy about milk. Whole milk at that. Right before Thanksgiving, we found out Christopher was allergic to cows milk and peanuts. He had a rash type thing on his arms and legs that we thought was the reaction to the cows milk. After a few months of no cows milk and no real change to the rash, our doctor said we could start him back on cows milk and watch him carefully.

He started it again on Friday. And I'm happy to report, no reactions. I am sooo happy about this. He had only gained 3 oz between his 12 month and 15 month appointments (not good) and we thought it was from the lack of fat from no milk. So this will be good to get him back to it. He loves it, is doing great and is even drinking it cold out of the fridge which is great. He's 99% off the bottle and only on sippy cups.

He also doesn't take a bottle for naps or bedtime anymore which is great. We also just discovered that he's great with a straw. So now I can move him to sippy cups with straws which will be even better for him.

So all in all, it's nice be buying whole milk again for our little man.

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Peanuts is a whole other thing. We aren't even going to go there till he's at least two.

This guy will just have to wait.

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