Monday, February 15, 2010

How do I love thee?

If we are talking about my husband David, which I am, the answer is a lot. "A lot a lot"

Yes, I meant to post this yesterday, Valentine's Day. But I have a 16 month old that only wanted "Mama". I guess I was his Valentine of choice yesterday.

David and I meet online at eight years ago. Among all the crazies, we found each other. We talked, we learned about each other, and we fell in love before we even had our first date.

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The future Mr.

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The future Mrs.

The above photos were our actual profile pictures on From a longggggggg time ago.

Yes, it's cheesy, but it was pretty much obvious, that this was the one. And he was... 2 years later...

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David is an amazing husband. He is smart, handsome, understanding, thoughtful, compassionate, stubborn (In the case of dealing with me, this is often times a good thing). He is also an amazing, wonderful and perfect father.

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David is one of the reasons why I am as strong as I am today, why I feel encouraged when he says I can and I say I can't. He's the reason why I know, without a doubt, that our son will grow into an amazing man, boyfriend, husband and friend. He is an amazing friend, confidant, listener, shoulder to lean on and person. If you know David, you know he has faults (who doesn't) but he more than makes up for them in other ways. He's known by me as Dave, David, Bear, Honey and Dad.

I couldn't imagine my life with out him and he is my Valentine now and forever.

Happy (belated) Valentines Day Bear!

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