Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who's ready to Potty???

Potty training. We are taking it one step at a time. Developing his interest in it so he can show us when he's ready. When you research potty training, there are a number of things to look for in your child to tell you if he/she is ready. One of those is if they tell you when they are dirty and aren't comfortable in a dirty diaper. You think, duh, who would be? But apparently until recently, it appears my son did not mind walking around in a dirty diaper.

In the last week though, he's begun coming up to us and patting his diaper and says, "diaper" or "dirty" or just "mama....." (insert whiny tone). It seems to coincide perfectly with a hand-me-down potty, which makes the total count of two of them we have. We have left the second, not as large one in the great room. Our thought was it would be nice to have one in the bathroom and one in the other room for "quick rushes" as that time approaches.

Our son, your grandson, your nephew, your buddy, whatever he is to you, has thought otherwise. He found it and now it's a toy. He loads it with toys then brings it into the kitchen, "mama!". Great.

This Saturday however, I guess he finally figured out what it was for. Well, he got it partially right anyways.
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Do you see him down there? The Wiggles are on and my son is on his potty. Yes, playing with toys and sitting on the potty.

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So Saturday he was playing with it again and this time I asked if he need to use the potty. He said yes. So we 1/2 stripped him down and plucked him on the "john".
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He loved it. He sat there for a while. He had some snacks, a book, and even a sippy cup. Then it happened. I went into the kitchen to get something and heard the whiny "momma?". I went in and he was just staring. I guess the little hump of plastic that is supposed to direct the "stream" down into the potty didn't direct anything. I'm not really sure how he did it, but about 75% of everything went in front of the potty on the floor. He was confused. I just picked him up, praised him, got him a new diaper and gave him some treats. He was very excited and went out to tell daddy (who was by now cleaning up the mess) that he "went potty, pee pee".

Not the most graceful way, but a step forward none the less.

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MrsPnut said...

haha yeah... the little hump that is supposed to direct the stream... really doesn't do much. Unless I sit with my son he just pees everywhere!!

YAY for peeing in the potty!!