Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One person's throw aways...

... is my son's new favorite toy. Okay, not really throw aways, but hand-me downs.

First things first, the corral is GONE. We took down the plastic "fencing" that we've had up for almost two years! It wasn't holding the kid in. He's too mobile around the house and has so much freedom in the house, that it's impossible to say "here, stay in this little area for a little bit". yeah, not happening.

So here is what we are left with.
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I love it. It feels so much more open. I moved the other chair and ottoman to the right of it so the area between it and the sofa is more open which is nice.

And my son has all of these new awesome toys.
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(when I saw this photo I thought it was kinda creepy with all of the eyes. weird)

And stuffed animals
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(or biker giraffes...)

And what is he playing with?
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Thirty year old toys that I played with as a kid. The difference in the toys is crazy. But he loves them. Forget the high-tech learning toys, he loves the plastic fire truck, the plastic cups, the little plastic people that resemble mushrooms more than people. He LOVES them. Go figure. Why do we buy new anything???

Oh, and these are new to him. I've been keeping them put away till he was older. I was probably playing with them at a younger age, but it just feels like he should be older. He pulled a toy car out at one point, metal sides, bent, sharp edges... yep, that went away.

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