Thursday, July 1, 2010


Argh! This posted before I was done, here it goes again :(

I am the proud mommy of a little boy who is saying his first sentences. Yes, sentences. I can't believe it, neither can David. Up until this week it's been a lot of "Mama, up", "no milk", "Dog go!" however this week that's changed. I was icing a cake yesterday morning before going to work and Christopher was hanging out in the kitchen with David and I. He suddenly walked up to the counter and looked up at me and asked: 

"Mama, what you doing?"

I looked at David and asked "Did you hear that? I think I'm hearing things"
David (while staring at Christopher): "No, I heard it. Are you going to answer him?"

Mama: "I'm making a cake baby."

Christopher: "Oh"

Conversations with my son. Not guessing games as to what he's asking me. Yet, those still happen. He's trying sooo hard to get his words out that sometimes stops to think.

He was eating dinner the other night. I was doing dishes and David was sitting with him chatting. Christopher said something that we could understand part of but not all of it. David asked him, "what did you say?". Christopher started again, realized he was getting stuck up on some word that we still aren't sure what it was. He looked very pensive as he was thinking then just got very quite. David very sweetly told him "that's ok, you'll get it". Christopher smiled and went on with his next story, 50% of which we understood :)

He's trying very hard and learning so much. It's amazing the change just in the last two weeks. His daycare provider was even mentioning on how much he seems to  have learned in the last few weeks. He's definitely a sponge and learning and growing each day!

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