Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dinner on the Deck

This past weekend was beautiful and we joined my parents for dinner on the deck with my cousin and her family. It was such a nice day and evening and we even got to see the eclipse with some extra fun from it.

Forrest and "bama" or whatever he decides to call her when the time comes.

I got these fun shots on my camera of the eclipse...

What was even cooler was that my parent's little disco ball hanging in the tree reflected the eclipse on to other things on the deck.

Like the wall, the chair and Forrest's exersaucer.

It was amazing that at 7pm it was still warm enough to eat outside. I'm hoping for the same this coming weekend.

Forrest enjoying his cereal (well after anyways as you can see on his bib)

Christopher holding court with Merrill's daughter and her best friend.

 Great evening, great food and great company!

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