Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buettner Visit

David's mom and stepdad came to visit over  Mother's Day weekend from Colorado. We had a nice visit and they got to spend some quality time with the boys. The boys loved them and got on with them really well.

Christopher wouldn't stay in the picture so this was the best I got. He would lay down, but he was just being silly.

 Which made this photo so difficult. Forrest was ONLY interested in Christopher's hair.

This look between them, the smiles and giggles, I LOVE with all my hard. To see them love on each other, it's the best feeling. 

Touch, touch, touch, that's what Forrest loves to do. 

Then I got some shots of just Mr. Monkey who has the absolute best facial expressions.

He's got that old man frump face!

Then Dee got to read with Christopher a bit. He loves his books and reading.

Me and my monkey!

Oh, and a few of Forrest in the exersaucer. He loves it. We have come to lovingly call it the "poop maker" as it... well you get the picture. We can't leave Forest in it too long or.... ew.


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