Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving and shaking...

Forrest is starting to move, move, move. He really wants nothing to do with sitting, just wants to get down and move on to other toys. He wants to stand and move, however, his body is obviously not cooperating. Christopher and I played with Forrest Sunday morning and it was fun to let the kids interact and play a bit together.

 His new thing... all limbs up in the air. Then he scoots around his tummy using his feet to push and his hands to rotate. Pretty funny.

LOVE THIS. (that's all)

Christopher is so good with him. Wants to give him toys, share with him, show him how things work, give him kisses, give him hugs, tickle him, rub his head. And obviously Forrest is just as smitten with his older brother by the looks he gives him. 

Big brother in his new favorite hat. Michigan State Spartans!

Senior and Junior working on seasoning the new grill and smoker. I can't wait to smoke something in it.


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