Thursday, July 26, 2012


Sorry I've so bad and keeping the blog updated. Facebook is easier, but I do like the blog better since I can add more of a story to go along with the photos, plus I don't feel like I'm overwhelming all my facebook "friends" with photos.

So here goes a fun game of catch up :)

Daycare. The boys go to the same daycare, and we love it. Christopher will likely skip preschool to stay at the daycare, which he calls school, and head straight to kindergarten when the time comes. He learns so much, that we don't see the gain in moving him. 

During the "school year" August to June, they focus on a "school" curriculum and agenda. During the "summer" June to August, they do summer activities. This summer they have been traveling Europe. It all started when we arrived and the front walkway had been turned into an Airplane runway, with an "Arrivals" sign over the door and an "Departures" sign over it in the inside. They watched videos about Airplane and the airport. I guess they thought the baggage claim area was a fun game where you got to find your bag. They had their passports made, checking their bags and going through baggage claim when they arrived.

Here are the boys passport photos:

Then Christopher had to go through passport control with his passport they made for him (and Forrest).

And then on to the places through the world! They were discoverers that poured over maps and made airplanes... then made their own maps.

Then on to Egypt where they discovered the Pyramids and King Tuts tomb!

They made mummies out of themselves, then made rocks that they broke apart during the excavation the next day to discover dinosaurs and treasures were in them!

It's been a great summer at school for the boys. They've also been learning about all the different monuments around the world. Christopher is obsessed now with the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and others. After we took him to the Golden Gate Bridge last week, he asked if we were going to the Eiffel Tower next. Um no, maybe next weekend :)

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