Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Forrest is 6 months old!

I know this is late but we've had a lot going on. Forrest turned 6 months old on 5/7. I can't believe it, it's all going so fast. Here are his 6 month shots and of course some with his older brother. They are interacting more and more which is so fun to watch.

Forrest: What to say. It's been an amazing and yet exhausting six months. He's had a few set back but nothing he isn't overcoming. He was been sick with a cold here and there a few times, the most recent right at his 6 months. He and Christopher ended up going on a round of Amoxicillin since they weren't kicking it on their own. I had it too and ended up going on anti-biotics. All this while David was in Las Vegas for work, fun. Forrest is doing well on his weight, slowly gaining on the percentile chart. We have his official 6 month appointment tomorrow so I'll have his "official" stats then. However, we had to buy a baby scale so according to our scale he was 14lb 7oz on his 6 month day and last night was already 15lb 1oz. He is trying so hard to crawl. He rotates around on his tummy then rolls, rolls, rolls to get what he wants. He can sit for perhaps 30 seconds if he's 100% focused on what is in front of him and doesn't get distracted (like the last photo above). However, when there is a lot going on around him, which is usually the case, he just wants to go. He likes to stand if we hold his hands and would rather do that than sit. I think he's just ready to move before his body is ready.

We started him on cereal late last week which he took to like a hungry hippo. I couldn't get it in fast enough. I'll be checking with the doctor tomorrow on what he wants us to do from here. Keep doing cereal or move on with purees (which I started making this past weekend).

He babbles up a storm, has discovered a squeal which I call his baby pterodactyl scream. He has one of the best laughs and smiles ever.

Forrest and Christopher are perfect together. Christopher loves him and Forrest just wants to be with him. 

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