Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ball and Breakfast!

Christopher's new favorite toy is his "Big Ball!!". It comes out more like "Ball Ball" but, here see, it's his Big Ball.

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He loves it. Rolls it around and around, tries to bounce it. It's very cute.

All the way down to the little balls.
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They are his new obsession. Actually, Wednesday when I dropped him off at daycare he started shouting "ball, ball", which yes, in fact there was a ball nearby. He started playing with his fingers still saying "ball". Our daycare provider, Susanna, noticed, got excited and said that he was doing the sign for ball. It was nice to see her excitement that he was learning and it was a lot of fun as mommy to see him learning and progressing.

He now knows quite a few signs and his vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds. He now knows the word "stinky" because of diaper changes. LOL. Saturday I told him he was stinky and he repeated it. So funny what they pick up. (Could have been worse of course!)

Then he had breakfast.
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I can't remember what he was having. I think it was french toast, strawberries and milk. He LOVES strawberries.

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He has his 18 months checkup (I can't believe he'll be 1 1/2 years old in 2 weeks) on the 15th of April. I'm really interested to find out his weight and height. We can't get the food into this kid fast enough. Because his weight so so low recently our doctor told us, he wants to eat, feed him. It get's a little tough coming up with new health things for him to eat. I'm thinking of trying to make some hummus for him. But he can't really dip things yet so I might be putting it on tortillas or something. We'll see....

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