Thursday, March 18, 2010

AHHH, darn teeth!

Teething... teething sucks. I can't imagine how painful having a tooth slowly poking through your gums must be. I have to admit, Christopher has been stellar at teething. He drools, he chews. He chews on blankets, toys, his hands... the dog if they'd let him. Until recently we had it fairly easy.

That is until the molars started.

For reference:
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Christopher already has all four of his Central Incisors and Lateral Incisors. He started getting his First Molars (Baby Molars) the beginning of December (yes, almost 4 months ago). The first was tough and he had a eruption hematoma (sp?) with it. Poor guy. His second and third came in without toooo much fuss. This last one though? Oyyy, it's been rough.

The other teeth seem like clean cuts, once through, it's through. The molars though? They cut, and cut and cut again. All these little edges. He's been miserable. The last few nights, he's woken up at 10pm, 12am, 2am crying, then back to sleep. 

The worst might be over since he slept through the night last night. 8pm to 7am... whew... mommy needed that :)

And now looking at the chart, his canines start at 16 or 17 months old. He is 18 months old next month! Argh. I don't think we are dealing with just the last molar, I think he's being tag-teamed with a canine.

My poor little boy...

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