Monday, March 15, 2010


So this past weekend was definitely one of ups and downs. The ups obviously included Christopher, the down was that I got food poisoning or sick or something starting Saturday night. You know, it sucks to get sick at all, but on a weekend and when you have a kid, it just double sucks.

However, Saturday we had fun, we got out of the house, and I was able to get some videos and pictures of our little peanut.

I remember reading somewhere when I was pregnant in one of my MANY pregnant/baby/new mommy books that you should talk to your child as if they know what you are saying. To avoid talking baby talk back to them. I mean, we do this occasionally, but the idea is to ask him to "put the toy over there", "give me the sock", "are you done with your milk" even if you don't think they know what you are saying.

The coolest thing about this is when out of the blue, after asking/saying it a few times, they respond. Christopher will all of a sudden turn and put the toy away, give me his sock or hand me his sippy cup. I know daycare helps with this a lot, but it's so cool when I say something and I learn that he knows something I didn't know he knew.

Case in point.

Christopher has two musical toys attached to his crib. He turns them on for the occasional midnight party, but mostly in the morning after he's woken. He turns them on, lays back down, has some conversations with his stuffed animals, some can't take it and throw themselves overboard, the others stay to play. David went in one morning and asked him to turn off his music. And.. the video...

This was after his afternoon nap on Saturday.

He seems to pick things up quick, so it's fun to try out new things to see what he knows.

Later, he was playing in the bathroom. No, he doesn't play in the bathroom often, but he has such a good time with bath time, I think he goes in to play with his toys.

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Christopher's spify new big boy shoes.
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So he was playing in the bathroom, when I asked him a question... here look.

I think this is now my all time favorite video! I didn't know he knew it! And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he's posing by leaning on the toilet. Lovely, this years Christmas card photo... in the bathroom. At least it's nice and clean!

Bath toys in our cool new basket!
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Ahh, the pose
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And I captured it! The cheeese! I think he's really working it here.
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And on to snack time (after washing up of course)
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He's getting so big and developing such a great personality. I'm consistenly proud of our little man and what he can do as well as tries to do. I can't believe he'll be 1 1/2 next month! It's amazing how time flies.

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