Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I think we are just about at the point where the new words are about the just start flowing out of Christopher. He has started this bab fest with none other than a name for Grandpa. "Papa" Of course it could be "Pop pop" or "poo poo" but I believe it's papa. It is absolutely adorable when we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house Monday (Jr was a bit sick so we opted for G&G Daycare) and as we walked in the front door, Christopher looked around and said "Papa? Papa? Papa! Papa?".

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Ahh, looking back.... memories.

He's also added bye bye (when Grandma closed a door, he shouted out "bye bye"). So cute. He also just broken through the last baby molar on the bottom right so he's in a little bit of teething pain (poor little guy), but still handling it like champ. 

Christopher's also mastered the sign for "food" where he puts his fingers together and puts them to his mouth. This has made things MUCH easier!! If we ask him if he's hungry, he'll sign back, or just sign if he's hungry if he wants food.

He's been doing great on being back on cow's milk. Not a big fan of milk, but loves all other dairy. His weight is up. After only gaining 3 oz in the 3 months between his 12 month and 15 month appointments, he gained a full 1lb and 1 oz in the 1 month between his 15 month and a 16 month check-up for his ear. Yeah for weight gain!!! (in babies that is :)

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