Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yeah for Toys R Us... (Boo for Babies R Us)

So the little house (Fisher Price Learning Home) that Christopher received for his first birthday failed. It died. It only lasted about two days. But in those two days, Christopher had so much fun with it. And then... it was sad to see him press the doorbell, and no bell. Open the door, and no "hello". Open the mailbox, and no "you have mail". We changed the batteries, double checked a few things, but no, this house was no more.

So I went to our Babies R Us with it in tow to exchange it. According to Fisher Price's website, they (and Toys R Us) are the only one's that carry it within 50 miles I think. I told them it was a gift. No, I didn't have the receipt, it was a gift. No, I didn't have a gift receipt. No, I didn't have the credit card that was used, it was a gift. Could I get the receipt from the person? Maybe, but really? You have it right over there, I can see it. How do I know they got it here (I didn't really, it was the only logical place), I told her what Fisher Price's website said. She tells me she's seen it elsewhere, arguing with me. Fine, nevermind, I'll go ask for the receipt.

Friday, I call Toys R Us ready to go through the same thing, since they are the "same" company. The woman I talk to is great and right away offers to exchange it as long as I have the box. Yep, I do.

So today, we loaded in the car and went to Toys R Us. I don't think I've been in one since we dragged Dad there to buy us our first Gameboy. There are A LOT of toys, I think Christopher's eyes about popped out of his head.

However, needless to say, we walked out of there with a brand spankin' new Fisher Price Learning Home (she even had it up at the Customer Service table waiting for us) and a new ball for Christopher.

Thank you Toys R Us!!! (Thank you Dee our Customer Service Rep)

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