Sunday, November 22, 2009


So we had our first minor emergency with Junior Wednesday night. Not fun at all. He's had a minor cold for a few days. When we put him to bed Wednesday he woke up about 8:30 coughing like he was having trouble breathing. I took him to the bathroom, ran hot water and lay with him for almost an hour while he went back to sleep. We put him back down and checked on him occasionally. We had an appointment with our doctor for 9am the next day already so we knew if we could get him through the night, we had that appointment.

About 12:30 am Christopher woke up worse than before. He was really coughing and struggling to breath. Off we went to the Hospital ER. They took him right away. He didn't have a fever which was good. The doctor came in and told us he had Croup. Ugh... It's pretty much an inflammation of the larynx which is making the breathing and coughing issues. It's viral so they gave him a steriod shot to reduce the inflammation then we had to sit there for a long time to do a breathing session with him. They held the apparatise in front of him to get it in him. I sat on the hospital bed with him in front of me.

He was still in great spirits and fell asleep in my arms soon after the treatment. We got home about 4am, exhausted. Christopher woke up at 6:30 that morning, good but tired. It was a long night with very little sleep.

He's doing much better now and just has a bit of the cough left. We have a humidifier going in his room when he's napping or asleep which helps battle the dryness that's causing the cough.

Ugh, first trip to the ER with my son. I hope the next is far, far, far away if ever.

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