Saturday, August 4, 2012

Firefighters at daycare

Thursday at daycare, all the little kids became firefighters for the day. It was amazing. One the the kids, Lindsey (who looks like she could be Christopher's sister with the similar hair), both of her grandfathers are Fire Chiefs. One of them brought a firetruck to the daycare for the kids to see and play with. The daycare got the kids firefighter hats and jackets from Costco. They taught the kids safety about fire, trucks, and all about firefighters. The kids were able to get on the truck, pretend to drive and sound the horn. THEN, they let them run the hose and try to knock over a cone. The kids had an amazing time, we again consider ourselves very lucky with our daycare. Here are some pictures that David was able to take of the activities.

This is Lindsey, it was her Grandpa that came with the Firetruck.

Our little firefighter. 

Learning about fire safety...

Apparently, this is what can happen when you are taking pictures with a baby in your other hand! 

So excited!


 Love it!

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