Saturday, August 18, 2012

Forrest's 9 Month Stats

We took Forrest in on Tuesday for his 9 month appointment. His weight wasn't where I wanted it but it was ok. It was the same weight I'd recorded him at over a week before. He increased his percentile on his height and head circumference. 

Weight - 17lb 9oz, 5th %
Height - 28", 36th %
Head Circumference - 18.11", 68th %

The doctor was happy, said everything is going fine. His weight could be from all the new movement which makes sense. He grew two inches in the last 3 months and almost an inch around his noggin! Overall, great appointment. Also, no shots, just a thumb prick to check for anemia. No anemia :)

Next appointment isn't till his 12 month appointment! I can't believe it.

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