Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend with the cousins

Our visit with the family in El Dorado Hills was wonderful. The kids play so well together. Christopher and Cole are amazing together. Duh, two three year old boys around trains and trucks??? Emmy was loving time with Forrest and Forrest loved any time with any one!

 We headed off to the pool since it was oh, about 102 degrees outside. Forrest has never been to a pool so we thought it would be fun.

 Forrest's hat is too big for him so it kept falling over his face :( But at least the sun wasn't getting to it!
 The boys went golfing and Melissa and I took the kids back to the house for naps. After that it was brownie time!

The next day, Sunday, we were heading home, but not till after lunch. The kids hung out, Uncle Timmy did biscuits with them, then we did lunch and headed home.

Christopher was reading to his brother...

 Emmy woke up and joined in. love this photo.

  The kids played with Christopher's Mobigo. It was fun watching them play and watching Christopher teach them how to play it.

 See? He loves this position...

 Then it was biscuit time!

 Sexy honey! :)

 Caught you Christopher!
 Ha :)
 Pat Pat Pat!

  Great time with the kids, great time with Tim and Melissa. We're going to try to go up again soon. It's just worth it to get the kids together.

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