Friday, January 29, 2010

From Bottle to Cup

5 months ago, this was going to be a snap. Switch Christopher from the bottle to the sippy cup? No problem? A few months before he turned one year old, we'd begin and it would be easy.

First, I went out and bought something similar to this.
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It is orange and says "Christopher". What a great way to start! He'd love it. No... not at all. He did this:

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So I thought, hmmm, maybe a different sippy cup. I heard about another type and went out a bought another sippy cup. He didn't really like it, plus it didn't hold milk very well. Bad cup. I bought two more before I just went and bought the tossable one's that match his bowls.

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Like this. Cheap... and he loved it.

And now he's back to his original Christopher cup.

I can't win... but all that matters is that he drinks his milk, it doesn't matter which of these cups he uses. He is much better and is 95% off his bottle at this point. Not too bad. When he was sick we took a few steps back since we just wanted to get fluids in him, but he's back to where he was and doing great.

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