Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Haircut

My little shaggy dog baby is no more. His mop has been trimmed, his mullet is gone and does he look different!

Here's a before for reference:
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Yes, that is ALL hair. His hair is so fine, his mullet is actually blowing up behind as he runs. Lovely. And it wasn't, as they say, "party in back, business in front", he had the Kate Gosslein thing in front too! Look at it, it's practically in his eyes (it might have been).

So David's been saying he needed a haircut, I as the irrational new mother of one, said, no, it's fine. Really? Fine? I could only brush the front to one side or the other or it looked odd!

So this weekend I finally came to turns. It's just another one of the things I seem to just need time to adjust too, but I come around. It was like when I finally had to back up his newborn and 0-3 clothes. David had to tell me when he was what, 5 months old, that the stuff had to leave the room, it was taking up space (not much mind you, but having newborn onesies mixed in with his 3-6 could make the mornings intersting). So I sat on the sofa one night, with a glass of wine, and started sorting them. I think I only shed one or two tears :) saying... "he'll NEVER wear this again!", "he NEVER wore this!", "I loved him in this!", "He was this tiny??? My baby is growing!"....

So the haircut thing, very similar. Babies don't get haircuts, Toddlers do. My kid is officially a toddler. Why shouldn't he be. He walks, runs (tries to), talks, eats real food, has big boy toys...

So yesterday we went to get Christopher's first hair cut. Daddy went first, then Christopher's turn. They didn't have anything but a booster seat, which he would be able to get out of, so he sat on my lap, and I went armed with a container of cherrios.

Here we are seated...
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He doesn't look very happy, but he was doing great.

They said he did great. One of the best kids they had. He was pretty happy the whole time. Of course, I think I could get him to do almost anything with Cherrios in my hand.

The after shot:

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Nope, no happy baby here.

Or here:
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Here is a close up. I think the front was a little too short, but still looks better than the before!
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And a side shot,
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Look, no mullet in the back. They even cut around his ears a bit. He looks so much older, it's just so different for me.

The ladies there were great. They saved some of his hair for me and gave me this little certificate to put in his baby book.

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