Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Christopher Update

So to follow up all these posts, we'll end with an update.

Christopher just turned 18 months old. We are the parents of a 1 1/2 year old. Where did the time go? Where did my little baby go? I love doing nap or bedtime since he cuddles up like he did as a baby baby. 

Ok, at his 18 month appointment he had last Thursday, his stats were:
Weight 25lb (right in the middle of the 25 and 50 percentiles) - this was great. he gaining almost 3 1/2 lbs in 3 months which he needed. Yeah!

Length (which is now height since they are now doing it standing): 32" (this one is interesting since they put down 31 1/2" but he was recorded at 32" last time, so we went with 32". Also, he seems taller, his feet his the foot rest on his highchairs. He seems taller, so maybe the last measurement was way off.

Head Circ. 19.5"

Christopher is a very active little boy. He is starting to learn to run, thus raising mommy's stress level just a bit. He loves to walk anywhere until he gets tired. At this point when we get home, we get him out of the car seat, but him on the ground, and he'll walk to the front door (if he doesn't try to run off into the grass), crawl up the front steps and into the house. If he's hungry, he'll go to his highchair and say "up", then proceed to try to climb it if you aren't fast enough. 

His vocabulary has increased so much. He will repeat almost any word you say (watch out!) Besides the recent "stinky" he's added diaper, love you, bye byeee (yes, with the extra e's), hi (very clear), cody, elephant (not very clear), book (clearer, but an older word), fish, santa, thank you (sounds more like "tank u"), bubble, monkey (not very clear, but he's working on it), and some more. He's added an elephant sound to his list of sounds. It's the cutest though, he acts like he has a trunk when he does it and throws his head back a bit when he makes the sound.

He is pretty much off baby food. He eats just about whatever we put in front of him, but he has the occasional picky time. He loves to turn his bowls of food upside down to see what happens. I think we ALL know what happens... the dogs come running.

He still sleeps through the night. Out about 7:30ish and asleep till 6:30am ish. Even when he wakes up in the morning he'll play in his crib for 30-60 minutes before we need to get him.

All-in-all, he's a great kid, easy going, and fun to play with.

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