Saturday, March 17, 2012

Forrest's Room

I haven't had the chance to post any pictures of how Forrest's room came out so here goes. I LOVE how it came out. It's a surf theme, and it goes perfect with the color blue that the room already had on the walls. There are still a few things we need to finalize, but it's pretty much there.

At some points, we are going to mount David's old paddling oar on the wall behind the rocker to the left. The red rug in front of the crib is from Grandma and Grandpa Wing from Michigan.

The painting my mom did of my dad and I picking shells in Hawaii that was already in the room as a guest room fits perfect in here. I bought fabric and had a friend sew the changing table cover to match the theme. It's a fuzzy blue with a portion at the head with fabric with surfboards on it. I had her do a boppy cover too with the surfboard pattern on one side and a blue with white hawaiin flowers on the other. 

Love the print to the right and the little square shelf on the left.

Palm tree hooks behind the door. A needle point my dad is doing for him will go to the left of it.
 We have a little surfboard with Forrest's name on it that my mom got which will go over the window. 

Overall, I LOVE the room, he loves the room. He'll just look at the fish over the chair, or the print over his crib. The room shares a wall with our kitchen so I worried at first about the noise, but it doesn't seem to bother him. Once he's out, he's usually out.


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