Monday, December 13, 2010

My boy's a geek!

One of Christopher's birthday gifts was the Leapfrog Laptop. We thought he might have been too young for it, but he proved us wrong. He loves it. I was able to personalize it so it says his name, now he's always playing with it. A little Geek, just like his daddy!

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He sits in his little chair and plays on it. He now has started to cross his legs, put his left ankle up on his right knee to create a "table" and plays with it on his lap that way :)

"What mama? I'm working!"
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It even has a little mouse
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He is so serious. He'll have his own blog by the time he's three!
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Then he discovered that you can change a setting to have the keys make different noises, animal and musical...

He loved it

He loves his laptop...

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