Monday, December 14, 2009

Christopher Update

Update on Christopher:

His vocabulary now includes:

Dag (Dog)
Hose (Horse without the r)
Tee (Tree)
Santa (more like Santa without the first a)
Buubuu (Bottle)
Bak (Book)

And more I'm sure that we haven't caught on to. This is what happens when his vocabulary increases during Christmas. I think he about spazzed when we got to Grandma and Grandpas with all the decorations. All Christopher would say while pointing, "This? This? That? Look! That? That? Look!" We had to remove him to the kitchen.

Daddy taught Christopher how to give high fives. He loves it. Saturday he started clapping. Loves it too. So fun to watch. Walks around clapping. He clapped at the Forty-Niners a lot tonight! GO NINERS!

His croup is gone, but I guess according to the doctors at my office the cough can linger for a while. He's doing really well.

I think he's having a growth spurt in length. It's crazy how big he seems to be all of a sudden.

He walks very well. He can even get to a stand with out assistance, just sticks his little butt in the air and up he goes. Cute. He can catch himself much better while walking. This means he's trying to... run.. ugh. He gets going in a circle and watch out.

He mimicks like crazy. I was playing with him and put a toy on his head. He laughed, then walked around for 10 minutes holding it to the top of his head.

He has a toy cell phone. I'm not sure where he picked this up (insert sarcasam) but he will talk into it then put it to his ear (mimicking mommy or daddy). It's VERY cute.

He LOVES books. We can't go into his room with out hearing "Bak?" He knows where they are, he wants to read them, wants us to read them to him, and will whine if we don't. Nap times sometimes include us saying "No more books, it's nap time". Oh, and on that note, he knows "lay down". Pretty cute. (oh wait, I've said that before)

In summary, Christopher is fun, cute and VERY entertaining. I'll try to get more photos to go up soon.

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