Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Watching that brain work..

Christopher is such fun to watch. It's even better to watch him as he figures out things. Toys that were just paper weight weeks ago are now toys. He's learning to put things into other things (even though they don't always go together). He loves to drop his toys out of his "corral" and pack n play (but never throws things out of his crib). Here is a photo and a few videos of him. There are 4 videos in order, long, but again, just fun to watch him play.

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In his new onesie from Kauai. Christopher is multitasking with all of his toys.

Video #1

Hand, foot, other toy, whatever works.

Video #2

Video #3

It shakes, it rattles... nice... Christopher shakes and rattles...

Video #4

I dont' need these toys anymore, look, I have plenty!

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