Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look Ma' No Hands!!!

Just watch, let's see what you see.

See? No hands...

And here, we practice "no", or (uh huh).

He seems to understand "no" which is good.

Here's a shot of Junior playing with the laundry basket.
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Christopher is such a joy to just play with. To watch his little brain work things out. He is always using his pointer finger to touch, feel and move things. He's so good at it he can turn the light off in his bedroom (video to come soon). He is also in the middle of major teething (yes, the above video is him pushing through 4 or 6 teeth). He just cut his "vampire teeth" as Grandpa Angelo puts it. His "vampire teeth" are the two top teeth on either side of the middle ones. So he's got the two middle bottom and then the top two on the outside. Weird. Right now he's cutting the middle top two and I think the other two on the bottom... photos are hard to get but we'll try.


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