Monday, July 6, 2009

Yeah, I know, it's been a while...

So Christopher is almost 9 months old (on next Tuesday). I can't believe it! Here is some of the things that he can do now (not that he's some kind of circus animal that does tricks, but still pretty cool :)

  • Pull up and stand (holding on to something)
  • Kneel and play
  • Pincer grasp is really good
  • Babbles mama, dada, baba (bottle), some sort of dagdag (d's and g's, we think it's for the dog), lala this past weekend.
  • Two bottom teeth are coming. His bottomm right is out and the left one the tip is out the rest is coming. They are sooo sharp.
  • After standing, he can get back down to a sit (as of this weekend)
  • He can walk along something he's holding on to (the corral, the sofa)
  • He can walk if we hold his little hands
  • He eating more solid food. Pieces of soft apple, etc.
  • Can ride a bike (ha, just kidding. Seeing if you are paying attention :)
Our little baby is growing into a toddler before our eyes.

 - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum

 - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum

And, his new thing in the corral...


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