Monday, July 6, 2009


Both of my Christopher David's started something new today.

Senior started a new job today!!! He's the Systems Manager at a local company. He's been going in a day here or there over the last few weeks to prepare and he seems to really like it. Almost 6 months to the day (1/15) that he was let go. We are so grateful and thankful to those that have prayed, supported and just helped us get through the last 6 months.

Junior started daycare today!!! We dropped him off today about 7:30am and mommy stayed to make sure he was okay. Our daycare lady held him and he was fine. There were two other little boys there, Chase (2) and Jacob (4 or 5). Christopher gave a big smile and laugh when he saw them. It probably helped that Chase has a really cool mohawk. Christopher played and was great. He crawled to me once and then right back to the toys and the other boys. I scouted out of the room and just watched for a minute before I left. That's when it hit me... ugh. My child is in daycare, he's being cared for by someone he doesn't know. However, he loves it, is doing fine and even went down for a nap. I guess he got a little fussy when he realized I was gone (this was a while after I left), was fine when he was picked up, then napped. (What a life). Daycare, the hardest thing I've had to do in a long time!!!


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