Sunday, June 7, 2009


Christopher has been teething for... oh for a while. He's been drooling a ton, a little fussier, and the last week his sleeping has been off. Of course, Christopher, on a bad day of teething, is just a fussy baby. Still sleeps through the night (crossing fingers) just waking up a little earlier 6:15am instead of 7am the last 5 days.

So to help him with this pain, we've given him Tylenol, teething rings, cold teething rings (thanks to Grandma Angelo) and Orajel. Now it looks like his bottom two are coming in, any day. That's where the orajel has gone. Well this morning, I try to feel if something has broken through, he bites down. How suprised was I to feel something sharp on TOP of my finger. I felt again and although I didn't see any teeth, there is a sharp edge to his UPPER gum. Yes, Christopher is cutting his first two teeth, and they are the on the TOP.

My son just has to do everything backwards!


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