Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Forrest is 10 months old!

What? What? 10 Months Old? No way... I can't believe it. He was 10 months old this past Friday.... time, gone. I now almost have TWO toddlers.... and Forrest is desperately trying to be one. What first... I think I'll start with the update since the photos are... interesting :)

Forrest is trying move more and more each day. Two weekends ago he started pulling up, last weekend, Saturday, he started cruising. He wants to go go go. He still on a Dada kick, 90% of his babble is "dada", a few "mama" and "baba" but that's about it. He has his bottom two middle teeth. We just found out Saturday he has his top lateral incisor in. Not sure when it came in but probably just late last week. It already looks like 2 more are going to break through soon on top. 

He'll eat ANYTHING, and for such a little guy he wants to eat all the time. Brocolli, green beans, cauliflower, sweet potato, carrots, squash, lentils, tofu, chicken, egg yolks, cheese, hot dog pieces, cherrios, avocado, banana, apple, pear. Last weekend he tried raw pieces of apple which he did great on. He's eating more pieces of food with his hands. Sometimes, that's the ONLY way he wants to eat. He's still breastfeeding like a champ when I'm with him. Only  mornings and bedtime on the weekdays but all day on the weekends and holidays. 

We just switched him to baths in the regular bath, not in the baby tub. I was still using it in the tub since he's a mover but without it seems fine. He LOVES bath time. He can be so tired and cranky, fussy when I change him, but the minute we go into the bathroom, he's laughing, giggling and big smiles. I'll have to get a photo. Love it.

Christopher is great with him, is my big helper. If I am doing something, he'll take Forrest cherrios, or other snacks or check on him for me. He'll hear him fuss and run over saying, "I'll check on Forrest for you!". He's a great big brother. 

So we tried taking photos Saturday morning (yes, one day late). Forrest had decided that he this process was hilarious! He was laughing, bouncing, moving, wouldn't sit still. I tried a second set of photos later in the day and finally got a few good ones. Here are some of the best "outtakes".

Yeah, exhausting. And I love that you can see his lower teeth in some of these. The one on the right was his first and is longer.
Then photos from the second try. I tried to give him a toy.
 He wasn't too impressed. Decided he wanted to MOVE instead.
 I'm holding something, the toy probably up to get him to look at me. He was sitting when I started, then he MOVED!
 And he's gone again... but the smile. So happy!
 Yes, that's the shot I want for your 10 month shot Forrest...
 Then we moved on to other "toys". I love the look here...
 But the concentration he had wasn't leading to any other good shots... ugh
 And he was just having soooo much fun!! :)
 And then.... as I'm about to give up... I got these...
 I think it's a tie between the above and the one below. I love the smile above though the best. He's getting so much bigger and he's looking a little different.
 I love this one only because of the sun in his "mow-hake". My boys and their "mow-hake"s.
 And some bonus shots :) He is a cutie and we love him!


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