Monday, August 1, 2011

Christopher - Baby Boy?

So no photos in this one, just text. 

So sometime in June, Christopher made an announcement. He was no longer a baby boy, he was a big boy now. I had called him my big boy, and he said:

"no momma, no baby boy"
Me: "Why? You aren't my baby boy anymore?"
Him: "No, I'm a big boy now"
Me: "Why?"
Him: "Because the baby is in your belly!"

Ok, get it, but it still makes me sad. It's true though. So David and I have capitalized on his new found "Big Boy" status. Big Boy's use big boy cups, use the big boy potty, sleep in a big boy bed, don't where diapers, use the big boy booster seat (and on and on). It's been very useful. If he isn't doing something, "Are you a baby?" "No, I'm a big boy", "well then big boys do [fill in blank]." "oh, ok". 

So starting with this, his potty training started. He is now insistent, "No diapers, diapers are for babies, I'm a big boy" We are doing great. He's still working at being verbal about asking to go. I guess it's called being "independent" about being potty trained. We ask him if he needs to go "yes" and he goes. He goes about 99% accident free per week which is wonderful. He can go anywhere, stores, restaurants, even in a potty in the back of the car :) (have to be prepared). He's even waking up dry from naps and even waking up from naps to go potty. 

He started a new daycare the week before 4th of July. They have been great, very supportive and he loves it there. His vocabulary has become clearer since he started and he's learning so much. 

To get ready for the baby, we moved him to a big boy bed (and room). The crib and dresser were moved to the guest bedroom which is slowlyyyyyyyyy becoming the babies room. We've focused instead on getting his room re-done and ready for him to be a "big boy" in. We figured it was more important for him to have a new routine and be comfortable in his space before the baby came. 

I'll make the next post about the big boy room.

Some other little "Christopher-isms" lately...

I told him his birthday is coming up, wow. 

Him: "Yep"
Me: "Do you know about birthdays?"
Him: "Yes"
Me: "Do you know what you get on your birthday?"
Him: Thinking... "friends and cake"
Yep... if we all thought like a 2 year old.

Apparently, Christopher can now talk to and feed the baby through my bell button. It's also how he's going to come out. I won't correct him :)

His two new catch phrases... "Oh, man!" and "That's cool!". He cracks us up when he does these. Sounds just like a 4 or 5 year old. So silly.

Lately, he is definitely a big boy not a baby boy. He can talk so well. We can actually communicate, he can tell us what he wants and needs for the most part. He loves puzzles, to draw, to play on the piano. He is very into baking, gardening and walks. Loves his dogs who he calls "the boys". He loves his new daycare and is always asking if that's where we are going. Her name is Barbara and I guess the kids call her "Bubby" so we always get "are we going to bubbies?". I love that he is enjoying it so much there. He'll try almost any food, but usually stays with the usual suspects. I love that he'll try something new though. The other day he tried beets, got 1/3 of the way into the bowl and decided that was enough. I don't think there's any activity that we could present to him that he wouldn't be interested in. He's been continuing swim lessons and he's getting to be a real pro. He's going under water more and more. Blowing bubbles and even jumping off the side of the pool (with assistance). We want him to be as acclimated to  water enough to be comfortable if we go somewhere. I'm hoping to continue lessons as he gets older.

He is growing like a sprout in height. I think he's just shy of 36" tall but is struggling still with the weight. He was 27.6lb at his 2 year appointment but is struggling just to keep another 3 pounds on this year. He was up to 31.5 pounds at some point, but got a little sick and dropped back down to 30. Just this weekend we weighed him and he was back up to 31 pounds. Urgh. He has his 3 yr appointment with a new pediatrician the middle of October so we'll update on that then. He's also getting his allergy testing done again. This time we are taking him to a pediatric allergist to be 100% certain before we keep on the no peanuts or start peanuts. He'll be tested sometime this month or early next month. I'm hoping he's grown out of his allergies.
That's all for now... a post on his new room to follow.

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