Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Busy bees

Sorry it's been so long with no blog updates. It's been a busy and fun holiday season for us. Before I start posting pictures of what we've been up to, I'll give an update on Christopher.

So what's going on with our little munchkin?
He's growing up so fast. He'll be 27 months old this month and is definitely our little boy.
He eats fairly well when he doesn't want to eat and eats very very well when he does want to eat. He can put down a breakfast big enough for an adult then slow up through out the day. He loves, eggs, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, fruit (any fruit really), french toast, oatmeal. Breakfast is the easy meal :) The rest of the day can be hit or miss. He also tends to eat better when he's been a part of the process. If he's helped pick out what he's eating, or he's "helped" make it. And by helping, I mean sitting on a chair on his knees watching me cook. 

He is the champ of sleeping. Naps between 1.5-2 hours without fail, and he is asleep by 8pm and wakes up between 7-7:30am. Lately he's slept till about 8am which has been nice during the holidays. He does have the occasional earlier rise, but who doesn't?

He has become much more stable with walking (for a while it seemed like his body was just going too fast for his little feet). He can take the steps (all two of them) in our house and the big ones out the front without help, up and down. He's learning to jump (he actually jumps when you ask him what sound a bunny makes).

He knows all of his letters, we are working on his colors, if he's focused he can count to ten. His vocabulary is constantly growing. Like his body going faster than his feet, he still tries to talk faster than his mouth can handles and it's like listening to chipmunk babble. If I could just put him on slow speed, we might understand so much more! His favorite song this holiday was without a doubt, Frosty the Snowman. In November it started out as "Frostee the sssnman.... blah blah blah blah" over and over. Last night as I was putting him to bed and we were singing it, he sang it with me getting probably 60% of it down. It was cute, he's obsessed with Frosty.

I have no stats, since he doesn't have frequent appointments anymore, but he's growing in height, that's for sure. He's still a skinny guy, about 27.5 lbs I think so we still keep him on whole milk, whole fat yogurt, etc. His asthma has been fine, if he starts to cry it can get worse and then he panics, which makes it even worse. If we give him the inhaler, it helps everything very quickly. This has only happened about 3 times since we got the inhaler so it hasn't been a major problem. We give him allergy medicine each night before bed per doctors orders and that has seemed to clear up a lot of gunk.

He was under the weather for a few weeks and we weren't sure what was going on, then pow, December 22 or so, he broke through his first 2T molar. He always tends to get cold symptoms with teething right up till they cut through, and I figured it would be worse with his 2T one's, I was right. He hasn't had a cold since it cut. Now just 3 more to go.

I think that's all on the updates... more posts of actual activities and photos to come.

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