Sunday, May 31, 2009

So I made baby food today...

So I decided that in order to earn my next mommy badge, I had to at least attempt homemade baby food. I bought everything Friday after work and decided to start with Carrots and Apples. Easy stuff.

I started with steaming the carrots...
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then steaming the apples...
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Put into ice cub trays...
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This one is special, a mix of carrots AND apples

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then freeze. This is 2 of the 4 trays stacked in the freezer.
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Junior already tried a bit of the apple and seemed to like it. Each cube is supposed to be 1 oz. So the second stage jars he's been eating are about 4 oz so it would be 4 cubes per jar.

David asked why, I said... money. A 4 oz jar costs about $.70 (on sale). I made 4 trays of food. 16 cubes each, so 64 cubes at 1 oz each. I made 64 oz of carrots and apple sauce combined. Or 16 jars of stage 2 food (4 oz each). The 16 jars would be about $11.20 total (on sale). I spent about $3.00 on the carrots and apples, maybe $4.00. SAVINGS people!!!

We'll see if I keep it up, but it was fun and fairly easy. Now, once they are frozen through, I take them out of the trays, bag the cubes and label. Take out what I want, defrost and voila!


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